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A New Breed of Developers in Abraka

On a not-so-sunny morning, the Django Girls workshop commenced. The event on 7th July, 2023 started with installing the packages that had been downloaded the previous day being 6th July, 2023 at the installation party.

No time was wasted as we moved straight to the program of the day. An introduction to Python and Django was done by Mr Ekeremor Doubra, one of the coaches of the event. You can’t start a program without the basic intro and of course, putting the audience and/or participant at ease. The environment was made welcoming for all, a relaxed mind/brain always takes in more information after all.

With that said and done we moved into html, the foundation of web development if you ask me. This aspect was taking by Mr Charles Sedenu, and hats off to him because it is not easy teaching a room full of beginners and having them follow every step of the way. Even the more experienced in the crowd was able to gain more than a few knowledge on html. Participants were helped by the other coaches when they are confused. Other coaches were Mr Peter, Miss Avura, Mr Solomon (Volunteer Coach), Mr Jefferey (Volunteer Coach) and Mr Hampo, JohnPaul A.C. (Organizer and coach).

At around 11:44 am we took a little break for breakfast, I’d classify it as a brunch though. Humans + Food = excitement, and that was the exact mood in the room. Everyone was excited as they went for breakfast and got refreshed (I’d love to tell you what we had but then there would be no mystery 🤫).

After getting our belly filled, we continued the section and proceeded to CSS. Learning different ways to implement styles to code and of course seeing the life action along side the explanation. I could see the excitement on a lot of people’s face when they realized that they held the power to change the appearance of a website. It was a wholesome moment that fortunately was captured. After spending some time Learning CSS we took a quick break. Now this break was one I actually enjoyed cause we got free t-shirts (Django Girls) and stickers (Python and Django), that’s right, we got free tees. I couldn’t help but feel special when I saw everyone in the same shirt looking nice and smiling, genuine smiles. Felt like I was finally part of something, something good. Can still picture seeing the room light up with more excitements.

When everyone was seated, we moved towards another session for the day (PYTHON). Python is and always has been a very interesting language and it is very easy to understand or maybe the tutor Mr Peter Chukuka was just really good at explaining because Learning functions in python was easier than I thought.

The Python class went on for a while and has to came to an end. We (organizers, coaches and participants) went out for pictures (what’s an event without pictures?). This was brief as we were running out of time and we still had a few things to do.

We proceeded to the final class of the day, Django. This was taught by Mr Doubra and Mr JohnPaul. The idea alone, that with Django you can create a full, responsive website was enough to set the room, coupled with Lunch (still not gonna spill what it was😁) being served was the perfect way to end the event. But just when you thought that was it all, the participants and the coaches were given certificate of participation and certificate of mentoring respectively.

In a nutshell, we got good free knowledge, breakfast and lunch, t-shirts and a certificate. Just saying, if there’s going to be another event, sign me up 😉 and you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up as well. Hence, always follow the organizers on their social media handles provided here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

The day ended well. It was an event that I would recommend to everyone even if you have no background in coding, trust you would grow an interest in it.

Videos and photos link:

Event Gallery

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Story Written by:

Igwuoku Christabel

An intern with Hamplus Technologies International [Hamplus Hub]

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