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About Me

Hamplus Technologies [Hamplus Hub] is a technology company that is located in Abraka. It is a local company but with skills, knowledge and expertise liken to the foreign companies. We offer variety of technological and educational services. We are keen to providing the maximum professional services to our clients within their financial frame.
Commitment to international standards of professionalism, superior client service and relevance to the local environment and condition forms the base of our work approach. We integrate detailed knowledge of strategic and operational issues into the provision of valued-added professional services to our clients. Our solutions are hands-on and readily supported by technology where appropriate.
Hamplus Hub is open for all techy and tech enthusiast that want to scale in the tech eco-space. Our online training platform (launching soon on our website) is available to all outside our physical training environment.
We are also open for partnership, sponsorship and collaboration, thereby impacting more lives and organizations.
Together we will transform our environment through innovative technologies.


Please use the email address to send us a message. You can also WhatsApp the phone number for instant messaging.


Beside Power of God Ministry,
Off NUT Rad, Off New Sapele-Agbor Road,
Abraka – Delta, Nigeria.

Phone: +234(0)8050736053
Email: blog@hamplustech.com
Web: hamplustech.com