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Hamplus Hub in God’s Eye Orphanage Home

The joy and excitement were great for both the children and the head (Mrs Tulu) of the orphanage/care home. It was on a sunny afternoon in Abraka when the team of Hamplus Technologies International, aka Hamplus Hub, visited the God’s Eye orphanage with a little token.

This is the culture of Hamplus Technologies International whenever she celebrates her anniversary. Last year, the Light of God orphanage and Sickle Cell Foundation in Abraka was visited by the team. In this year’s visit, the Hamplus Hub team made it known that there is a programme in the pipeline for orphans in such places to enable them to acquire digital skills.

The head of the orphanage appreciated the visit, and the children were so happy that they prayed for the team members and the company. Mrs. Tulu made some of the challenges known to the team which comprise the balance of the land lease agreement amount and the roofing and ceiling of a section of the school, among others.

Hamplus Hub uses this avenue to call on all philanthropist and humanitarians to show love for these orphanages in Abraka and environ via the provision of their needs and also to support the dream of Hamplus Technologies International [Hamplus Hub] in training the orphans in different digital skills when the programme is launch.

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