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DELSU Tech Invasion 1.0

The first of its kind in the university community is being organized for Saturday, 28th January, 2023. This is a tech conference that will fire up the zeal of techies and also tech enthusiasts.

Different sub topics has been penned for discussion such as:

  • Scaling financially in tech
  • Tech income expectation
  • Careers in tech
  • Financial Increase as a Python developer


The financial sub topics has been chosen to aid students financially so as to use tech positively; helping themselves while in the University thereby making them to denounce crime of any kind and class.

Python which is a powerful and dynamic language will be introduced and a DELSU Python community will be formed from this conference. The prowess of python can be summarized in the picture below:


Hamplus Tech Tv
Python Strength 1


Python uses and some possible framework are as follows:

  1. Web development
    • Django
    • Pyramid
    • Flask
    • webPy
    • web2Py
    • Bottle
    • Tornado
  2. Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • SciPy
    • NumPy
    • Matplotlib
    • Plotly
    • Pandas
    • Seaborn
    • Scikit learn
    • TensorFlow
  3. Software Development
    • Trac
    • Roundup
    • Buildbot
  4. Graphic User Interface Development
    • tkinter
    • PyGObject
    • PyQt
  5. System Administration and Development
    • OpenStack
    • Ansible


Hamplus Tech Tv
Python Strength 2

This a conference you should not miss. Register Here

DELSU Tech Invasion 1.0
Tech Conference
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